Valorant Points Top-up (MYS Region)

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225.00৳ 6,699.00৳ 



30-180 Minutes


100% SAFE

Arekta Coin Store is the best shop for buying Valorant PointsΒ in Bangladesh. You will get your valorant points directly to your game account. No hassle/No activation process. Just order and receive it.

Is it safe for my account?
Yes, It’s a 100% safe process. No ban/issues. Just provide us your riot login username.

Choose the amount you want to take and give us your riot login username and place the order. You will get the points at the cheapest price in Bangladesh. Feel free to compare the prices with any shop in BD. If you can find a better deal then inform us. Till then keep flexing with your dope skins. Happy Gaming! <3

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44 reviews for Valorant Points Top-up (MYS Region)

  1. Dr (verified owner)

    Nice and fast delivery, also great support.

  2. Tanay (verified owner)

    Fast delivery.

  3. aunkoalammala (verified owner)


  4. SSAbeer (verified owner)

    Good service. Quick response

  5. Raiyan Rek (verified owner)


  6. Porom (verified owner)

    Loved their service. So fast and so good.

  7. Ruslan (verified owner)

    Fast and reliable, highly recommended.

  8. Fohem (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and trustworthy

  9. zayed (verified owner)

    Best valorant point top-up site in Bangladesh. Within 15 min I got my vp. Highly recommended

  10. Sifatalam21 (verified owner)

    Spid deliveri and reliable.
    Highly recommended

  11. Mehenaj (verified owner)

    Honestly A nice delivery

  12. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Too fast delivery
    and recommended it

  13. Mohammad (verified owner)

    fast and good like it

  14. Mr. (verified owner)

    Genuine and quick service, reasonable price on all items. The only website I found where buying something is so straightforward and you will not need any assistance in the process that’s how easy it is to buy something from the site. You can bypass all the hassle of speaking with the sellers, asking questions etc.

  15. rayanhkhan (verified owner)


  16. zimmer316 (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. +rep

  17. konok4150 (verified owner)

    – Insanely cheap pricing
    – Instant Delivery ( Even in emergency situation when working hour was off)
    -Good behaviour
    – Totally Recommended

  18. Alamon01DAdada (verified owner)

    Best place to buy VP.Fast,reliable,cheap.

  19. raiyan (verified owner)

    rly fast and good got my VP within 10mins ?

  20. DhruboNFS (verified owner)

    Fastest delivery. Thank you

  21. Nafi (verified owner)

    Good service

  22. Rumman (verified owner)

    very good service super fast delivery trusted shop

  23. Tanjid (verified owner)

    Very good service, fast delivery.
    Trusted shop.

  24. DisguisedHorseGG (verified owner)

    Got it super quick even after the mentioned time (9 PM)

  25. Sabit (verified owner)

    Sublime service! Very fast and quite cheap. Would 100% approve anyone for buying from here. :))

  26. Navid Aftahi Shudoy (verified owner)


  27. Indrust (verified owner)

    Very Good
    -Cheap Prices
    -Fast Support
    -Got valorant point (even it wasn’t working hour)
    1000% recommended

  28. durlov47 (verified owner)

    very good service and fast delivery. reccomended

  29. All-Gamers (verified owner)

    Just better service

  30. Sazid (verified owner)

    Fast, easy and friendly. 100% recommended ❀️❀️

  31. Sajid (verified owner)


  32. heaven.alacio (verified owner)

    100% Trustworthy, Fast Delivery, Thank you.

  33. Nasib Islam (verified owner)

    Very Good
    -Cheap Prices
    -Fast Support
    -Got Valorant point in 30min
    100% recommended
    Thank you.

  34. Salam Rezwan (verified owner)

    Superb, Reliable, Fast Service. Recommended. +Rep

  35. Rudro (verified owner)

    Prices of the points are so reasonable and their delivery procedure is so professional Loved their work Great WEBSITE AREKTA COIN STORE OP <3

  36. DJV (verified owner)

    Very fast and trusted, but price is increasing tho,

  37. Teizo (verified owner)

    The best website in terms of all aspects. Their behaviour is EXTREMELY professional. Their pricing is also amazingly cheap and great. Delivery? 100 out of 100.

  38. TOUHID (verified owner)

    Trusted And Fast delivery

  39. nix7r (verified owner)

    good and fast delivery

  40. Louxdy (verified owner)

    Trusted <3

  41. Rx Mave (verified owner)

    Trusted and super fastest delivery at the time of emergencyπŸ˜‡πŸŒΈπŸ’

  42. Viraltego (verified owner)

    Very good and fast delivery. Trustable πŸ₯°

  43. Farhan (verified owner)

    100% Trusted and super fast delivery. i couldn’t even imagine they will deliver that fast.

  44. Adnan (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and good pricing. Thanks a lot 😍

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