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Assassin’s Creedยฎ Mirage

A cunning street thief seeks justice and an answer for why he was born into slavery. He becomes a deadly assassin and changes his destiny in ways he never could imagine.

Play a modern version of the classic game that has been defining a franchise for 15 years now. Parkour seamlessly through city streets and stealthily assassinate enemies with more visceral kills. Discover a bustling metropolis where people react to your every move and discover the secrets of four unique neighborhoods as you explore the Golden Age of Baghdad.

A Powerful Coming-Of-Age Story

A story-driven game where you play as a rebellious young man named Basim who has been raised by his father since he was a child. You must complete missions for various factions in order to gain their trust and ultimately become a master assassin. Along the way, you meet several interesting people who will help you decide whether to follow your path or not.

The Ultimate Assassin

Be the most versatile assassin in game history. Parkour seamlessly throughout the city and use the largest variety of weapons to date. Collect vital clues and stealthily assassinate your target using more visceral executions than ever before.

An Immersive, Reactive City

You’ll explore a densely populated city where people respond to your every movement. You’ll uncover the secrets of four different districts, including the industrial Karkh, the lush gardens of the round city, the bustling bazaar, and the ancient ruins of Babylon. You’ll discover unexpected events and meet famous historical figures who helped shape the golden age of Baghdad.

A Tribute To An Original

A modern take on the features that have made Assassinโ€™s Creed games so popular for 15+ year. You’ll experience the iconic locations from the original Assassin’s Creed games.


Born in Samarra, Basem was orphaned when he was just a child. He lived alone in the streets of Baghdad until he met the Hidden Ones, who inspired him to join their ranks.



After escaping from an oppressive regime, Roshan became one of the most feared assassins at the Hidden Ones’ headquarters, Alamut. She now teaches Basim everything she knows.


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