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What is your chaotic alignment? How will you balance the scales? This pack’s cosmetics come with a slider that allows you to tune how corrupted your outfit is! Includes the following cosmetics:

– Corrupted Arachne Outfit
– Corrupted Long Legs Back Bling
– Corrupted Insight Outfit
– Corrupted Sight Sling Back Bling
– Corrupted Shogun Outfit
– Corrupted Bladed Wings Back Bling

Is it safe for my account?

Yes, It’s a 100% safe process—no ban/issues. Just provide us with your Epic Games Login Credentials.

Why only Epic Games account and PC server?

As you may see, we wrote direct “Epic Games Email & Password”, which means we must need an Epic game login email and password. Other methods like login with Google/Facebook will not work. We also hardcoded the server selection menu to “PC” so that no one can order it for PS/Xbox/mobile. There is a reason why we are doing those things. One is if you provide your Google/Facebook accounts, this will hamper the privacy issue. Another reason is V-bucks purchased PC server will not show up on the console server. If you play on a console server but still order, the V-Buck will not show up on your console, and Arekta Coin Store is not responsible for this. If you violate these rules, the result will be a permanent restriction from Areka Coin Store.

Delivery Time

These packages take time to process. After placing your order, you have to wait for 30-180 mins to receive the points. You can’t play Fortnite during the processing time. Once done, you will get an email confirmation(spam/promotion) from us.

Are these available for 24 Hours?

No, you can place an order only from 11 am to 11 pm. Orders after 11 pm will be processed the next day.


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