Why Arekta Coin Store?

Arekta Coin Store is more than just a Game Shop. Arekta Coin Store sells digital goods for gamers. Our platform is the fastest growing online game digital trading and services platform in Bangladesh.

Our Missions:

  • To develop the best online game digital goods distribution platform.
  • To be a customer-centric company by providing the best services to our partners and customers.
  • To empower gamers to make living by playing games.

We Provide:

  • DIGITAL CODES: Game Digital Prepaid Card, Game Console Prepaid Card, Video On Demand Gift Card, Music Platform Gift Card, PC Tools & Software Gift Card, Software CD-Key, PC Game CD-Key.
  • DIRECT TOP-UP: Game Top-Up Service, Online Game Instant Top-up.

If you’d like to collaborate with us, advertise Arekta Coin Store and receive some support from us, you are in the right place. Please fill out the form below to enter in contact with the team at Arekta Coin Store.

Business partnerships

Entrepreneurs and businesses dealing with physical or digital products are welcome to apply on Arekta Coin Store’s Partnership Program. Filling out our Business Form in advance would be appreciated. Our team will happily discuss potential benefits for both sides.

Streamer and E-sport partnerships

Internet personalities such as YouTubers, streamers, professional gamers as well as e-sport teams wishing to work with Arekta Coin Store can get in touch with us. Every opportunity will be carefully considered. We’ll gladly discuss terms and ideas!